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Trip & Diagnosing(Home or Business)

  • Trip +  30 mins of Diagnosing
  • We will come to your home or site for a small fee and diagnose your device all within one small fee.


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Data Recovery from Non-Working Tech

  1. Pick and Deliver fee will apply, this is an in office service only
  • We will attempt to recover data from your non-working computer but removing the hard drive and restoreing the data.
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Operating Re-Install or System Recovery

  • If you are needing your OS reinstalled, have your OS Recovery Disk ready and we will come to your home or site and Re-Install your OS just like it was from the factory. We will also update your computer to the lastest updates avalible for your device 
Software Install.png

Software Install

  • We all have programs that we buy at those Big Box retailers, but sometimes trying to get those installed can be confusing that is where we come in to help!
Data Transfer Computer Repair.png

Data Transfer and Backup Creation

  1. This does not include the purchase of external data drive, cost varies per Backup.
  • Do you have some wedding photos or family photos on that old computer that you would like to move to an external hard drive for good keeps; if so we can help!


Software Troubleshooting.png

Software Troubleshooting & Virtual Repair

  • Sometime of the programs we install are actually the problem themselves to our computer performance. Let us diagnose your computer and determine if this is the case for your computer.
Hourly Rate.png

Hourly Rate

  1. If applicable
  2. This will be determined at time of diagnostic for repairs or services that may not be listed.
  • In some cases the need you have is not listed above. No worries we offer much more and in that case we will come to your home or site and just charge per hour for repair or service. 
  • Many business find this option more useful as they have multiple computers for repair.
  • As always we will discuss your needs and best soultion for your home or site after visitjng yoru home or site.
Pickup and delivery of computer or tech.png

Pickup and delivery of computer or tech

  1. If applicable
  •  If need be and we have to take your tech to our offices then a small fee for pick up and delivery may apply.
Data Recovery Computer Repair and service.png

Data Recovery from Working Tech

  1. Pick and Deliver fee may apply, this maybe an in office service
  • We will attempt to recover your data from the working computer using industry standards for recovery.


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Computer/Tech Setup

  • We all buy new computers or tablets and sometimes getting them setup can be confusing. Let us help you with that. Have questions let us answer them.



Simple Printer Setup.png

Standard Printer Set Up

  • You have a printer ? Then we have a solution! We can help you install and set up your printer to your current computer. 


Computer Clean up.png

Computer Clean Up and Tuning

  1. This does not include virus removal or any other service that may be above the normal clean up & tuning process
  • Every once in a while all of our computer can become slow due to standard use. Whatever your case let us help clean that computer up so it is up and running like new.
Network Repair.png

Network Troubleshooting & Wireless Network Repair

  • Have you ever had trouble connecting to your router or internet? If so we can help, give us a call and we will visit your home or site and diagnose the issue.
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Emergency or Rush Services

  1. Need repair or service in less than 24 hours
  2. This is a staking fee to other services
  • We offer this service for a fee to push you in the front of the line for rush service!
Virus removal.png


Virus And Malware Removal and Protection

  • Virus's are mean and will make your computer almost unusable. Let us know if you think you have one and we will remove it and provide protection so you don't get one again.
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One Hour of Support and Training

  • We all have questions, but sometime we have no clue how to find the answers. Whether you're in need of some info or unaware how to use your tech, give us a call and we will be happy to come and walk you through.
Wifi Setup.png

Home Wi-Fi Set Up, configuration and Premium Security Programming

  • WiFi setup and configuration can be confusing at times. Let us help with are WiFi setup and programming service. Call today and we will discuss your needs.




Hardware Troubleshooting.png

Hardware Troubleshooting & Virtual Repair

Many times certain parts of our hardware can be come damaged virtually due to bad drivers or outdated drivers. This is where we come into help, we will navigate your computer and find out which piece of hardware it is and fix it!


System & Network Security Testing and Recommendations

  • Buying a new computer and need a recommendation? Buying a new printer and want to ensure it will work with your current computer? If so give us a call and will will provide some information after visiting your home tor site to ensure you get exactly what you need.

* Price may vary, prices are subject to change without notice. Some changes to service may be required at time of diagnosing.