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Computer & Tablet Services

We can evaluate your current devices and setup, and recommend ways to improve your tech. To schedule a consultation visit our Schedule Appointment page.

Please call or fill out our form today for contact same day to set an appointment.

Computer Install


Did you just buy a new computer and are in need of some anti-virus or just purchase a printer and have no clue how to set it up with all the many instructions; then call ConquerIT because we are here to help you. Below is a short list of our services but we offer much more when it comes to installing. We do a basic install of just about every electronic, call us today if you have a question.

  • Software Installation
  • Printer Installation
  • Basic TV or Projector Install
  • Game Console Install

We do not offer structural install i.e: Installing projector in ceiling, installing TV on wall. This must be completed prior to install and set-up.

Install Computer Services


Have trouble setting up your device? We'll help. We come to your home and set up your computer, printer, router, TV and much more! This is an easy process you buy it and let us set it up for easy use and to ensure your new investment works in the best manner it can! 


  • In-Home or on Site Service
  • Windows, Mac or Chrome OS
  • Printer Set up
  • WiFi Set up with top security protocols

Website Design and Setup

Are you in need of a completed and designed website?

Is your current website provider old and outdated?

If these are the questions that you find yourself asking then we are here to help! If you are just starting a website and have found yourself in need of a start to finish platform we have the help you need.

We start off by using a website hosting service called Squarespace.  After which designing a website becomes is easy for you, we ask a few pieces of info from you and register you with the hosting site Squarespace. We gather all your info about your business or need and design your website from scratch.

What our website designing cost covers:

  • Designing of Website
  • Professional SEO Advertising
  • Website Advertising techniques for optimal customer visits.
Website Design


Computer Repair

Have a virus? We'll remove it.

Device running slow? We'll fix it.

This is our specialty do you own a computer that has been infected by viruses and or you lost data due to it; or do you have a wireless network that has been breached or you're worried about being secure. This is where ConquerIT comes in at, we can remove the virus on site with little to no extra programs being installed onto your computer. Many big box retailers and small town repair shops may offer a remote access repair, we like the hospitality of the High Country and will come to you and fix your computer or tech in home or on site. We are not the average Computer Technician we are here to save you money and at least let you get the most out of it.  Call us today if you have questions or are unsure if you have been infected by a data-stealing virus.

  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • In-Home Device Diagnostic
  • Data Recovery
  • Wireless Network Repair
  • Operating System Re-Installation (OS Disk Required)

  • Computer Clean up and Upgrade

Computer Repair and Support



If so we are here to help you call us today so we can discuss your trouble in troubleshooting. We don't just repair and service your tech we also keep a running diagnostic, repair & service tracker for you and your tech so we always know exactly what is going on with your equipment. Let us manage your tech and you just sit back and enjoy it! Visit our Schedule Appointment page for a form to fill out and get contact today guaranteed.

  • Computer Training
  • Tech questions
  • Personal Tech Solutions
  • Tech Recommendations
  • Whatever your question we're here to help!

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