Ashe County

Hey, y'all thanks for taking the time to come see what ConquerIT is all about. My name is Robert Heavner though I did not grow up in Ashe County I have spent many years growing up and living here with my beautiful wife Chelsea and my dog Shadow.

Now we know you've come to our page to get help with tech services and repairs and we would like to say we are here to help. We are not your average Computer and Tech Technicians; we will not waste your time or money because we know those are important to you and your family. I am a man who loves electronics and always has, I have repaired electronics and computer for years now and look forward to many more to come. 

Being an old-fashioned preacher many find it funny that I love computer and new technology but believe me, I like my computer, smartphone, and flat-screen TV. Just like you, everyone likes their electronics.

If you're tired of dealing with the big box retailers tech support or the small town tech shop isn't enough for you; call us and we will come to you! Visit our services page for more info!